Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Martin Armstrong finally getting a trial after 7 years in an American Prison.


Is the reason Martin is in prison because as he says:"I know too much"- about all the crooked activity on the stock exchanges about which the government's regulatory bodies want the public to believe are all above board decent operations.

Or is there a darker reason Martin is in prison, one suggested publicly on the Yahoo Kondratyev forum by its owner - Eric Von Baranov who claimed a CIA insider of his acquaintance told him that "Martin Armstrong had to be stopped". Stopped at running an AI super-computer model with 32,000 variables for the purpose of predicting financial markets while managing several billion dollars. The same computer model by the way that the CIA and the Chinese government tried to acquire from Armstrong and were denied. The government was upset that Martin had 'X'ed out all his hard drives, but in light of the fact that the CIA tried to get his model from him, why wouldn't he X it all out, why should $60 Million dollars of programming and original thought be handed over to the US Government for free?

The same government that went against the original principle of Thomas Jefferson of not letting government create large debts. The debt is now over $8 Trillion and Bush signed a bill allowing them to take it up to 9 Trillion. The unfunded liabilities for pensions etc. are now about 50 Trillion dollars, this money will never be paid out. As Armstrong said, politicians are by and large a bunch of crooks. Modern Rome - the USA is now in the process of inflating the value of the dollar down in order a try and escape their liabilities. The original reason for rebelling against England over taxation without representation is now coming back to bite Americans. Did politicians ask Americans if they could borrow so much money through the bond markets that it would jeopardize the whole financial health of the country, potentially turning the USA into a bankrupt and ruined country as Rome was?

Is it a coincidence that several months after denying the CIA's request, Mr. Armstrong found himself being accused of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars (even though as he says, strangely there was not one wire transfer of the money into any of Armstrong's personal accounts).

The government claims Martin is hiding gold bars and a bust of Julius Caesar and so has him in the roughest prison with murders and drug dealers (unlike Martha Stewart's country home style confinement) on contempt, but as Mr. Armstrong says he could easily make several times that amount if he were free to do his business for the past half decade and more. He was the highest paid economist in the USA back in the 1980's and 1990's.

Is it a coincidence that shortly after Mr. Armstrong's detention, his banker Edmond Safra from Republic Bank was murdered in his Monaco Penthouse which had four machine gun equipped guards? Was Safra murdered because as Armstrong stated he was going to be testifying at Armstrong's hearing and some Russian Mafia that had done money laundering on Safra's watch decided not to risk Safra spilling the beans. Or, was Safra murdered because he knew what really happened at Republic Bank to the money Armstrong is being accused of mis-handling? We will never know, since dead men don't talk.

So much for Armstrong's constitutional right to a "speedy trial". The courts can obviously now do anything they want to. Perhaps that is why President George W. Bush said, "The constitution is just a piece of paper". Real power flows from the barrel of a gun as Mao Tse Tung said and all serious politicians know it.

Regardless of whether Martin Armstrong hid losses or not, his constitutional rights have been ignored as America drifts towards fascism as financial advisor James Dines has noted. All Americans should be alarmed at what is happening to their beloved country. They should be alarmed at a reactionary President that can tell a big lie (there were no weapons of mass destruction - the original excuse for invading a sovereign nation - Iraq) and then proceed to murder hundreds of thousands of innocent people at the same time proclaiming "GOD BLESS AMERICA". God has nothing to do with it and any God worth their salt must be totally disgusted at a hypocrite President using God's name in vain.

Distinguished thinkers like Gore Vidal warned back in early 2003 that invading Iraq would be a huge mistake, that it would be like stirring up a hornets nest. Now, Iraq is on the verge of a civil war as of mid September 2006 and the whole Muslim world is inflamed over the new Pope's quotation from a past Roman leader that the Muslim religion is evil. At this point in history it does not look too promising for peace between cultures on this sad little planet.

If readers have a look at Armstrong's article on the PrincetonEconomics blog (see link on main page) site about the monetary crisis in ancient Rome, they can get a sense of how history repeats, how bullies hide behind flags and destroy the civil liberties that once existed in past golden era's of a countries history. All these things have happened over and over in many civilizations of the past.

Apparently civilization's leaders never learn from history and are thereby condemned to live the lessons of the past over and over. China is now in the process of over-taking the USA economically, as James Dines has said: the 21st century belongs to China and the USA can be expected to become more and more desperate to hold onto past glory as the decades pass.

Interesting to note that recent historians now think one of the major factors in the collapse of the Roman Empire was being involved in wars against the Persian Empire - now Iran and Iraq etc. Emperor Busch (original German spelling) decided to continue the fight and go for that Black Gold - Texas Tea. Others have pointed out that major countries entering into civil wars and doing ground battles have found it futile many times in history... it is a recipe for disaster. Check out...