Monday, October 30, 2006

Martin Armstrong - Discoverer of the 8.6 Year Pi Business Cycle


Discovered in the 1970's by dividing the number of major panics into a given time frame Armstrong's 8.6 year pi cycle (piX1000=3141 days or 8.6 years) has had many direct hits on various market indexes, commodities and currencies producing billions to one odds against it being just a meaningless coincidence. Similar to Benner's Cycle which is based around a 9 year cycle, Armstrong's cycle gives dates down to the day years and decades ahead of time, not just a yearly date as Benner's shows. Armstrong's is much more precise. So much so that the CIA and Chinese government tried to acquire his super-computer model after his amazing prediction of the crash of 1998 to the day. Mr. Armstrong has had his constitutional rights stripped from him, his constitutional right to a speedy trial has been taken away. The Justice System has imprisoned a great man while ingnoring the US Constitution!

Recent events in the world's stock markets show the accuracy of Armstrong's model, the markets sold off right on his forcasted date of Feb 27, 2007. He said in effect that everything would rise up into 2007 -including the stockmarkets, housing and especially hard assets like commodities. The fact that the hard assets peaked last spring (gold copper etc) shows that capital flows are currently focused on the stock markets world-wide and after this panic sell-off is finished it is likely that they will continue up and commodities should resume their bull market for the next major leg up - $100+ a barrel oil and Gold well over $2000 - even 3 or $4000 according to some estimates.
If you believe Timer's Digest top market timer Don Wolanchuk we will be entering into epicenter of primary wave 3 (in Elliot Wave terminology) that is going to take the Dow to 20,000 in the coming years, gold and commodities should keep moving up too.

My concern here is housing - if it keeps breaking down in mid 2009 as my own work is suggesting I am not sure how the stock market will stay strong, nonetheless the next major trough for the economy should be Martin's 2011 date. I think it possible that gold and commodities will go up into fall 2009, which would then lead to the 2011.45 trough, just as the year 2000 was the peak in the markets and led to the low a couple of years later.


  1. Do you have access or know where one can look at the PEI cycle from Armstrong?

  2. Ray:

    It is all on this site, there is no other site out there that has as much info as this one on Martin Armstrong's cycle work.

    You could use the go-back-machine found on google and access some of the material from years past as well.

  3. Hi Russ,
    This is a great site. I have just stumbled across Martin Armstrong this evening, having heard him being spoken about on a Howestreet podcast. ( ) and have been reading up about him. As you say, this is the most comprehensive site. You have done a very good job.
    I've been reading some of his newsletters at
    They were a bit scaremongery and off the mark (particularly on China), but this 8.6 year cycle seems most interesting. I'd love to talk further with you about him. Could you email me - frizzers at gmail dot com - written like that so as to avoid being picked up by bots

  4. Timely times ....

  5. Timely analysis, to say the least -- Bob in DC

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