Monday, March 23, 2009

Canadian Dollar appears to be headed for a high in July 2009 in line with the Gasoline projection that can be seen several posts below.


  1. Amazing post.....just fantastic.

    And YES the CDN dollar is making a high in July 09...and you posted your prognosis on March 23, 2009.

    Great...just great.

    And yes...its Socrates..anonymous on July 21 on my 4 th post today.

    However after the high on July 21 at up is .9250.

    My hunch is it will drop to the uptrend line at 86-89 area and consolidate till nov/09 channel and then explode up to par by end December....

    Your thoughts ???

  2. Sorry I did not notice your post earlier, I should link these to my email i guess.

    CRB index has a trend into Oct for a high as well as do other indices and also Terry Laundry's T theory.
    Canadian dollar looks to be running out of steam here but is should keep going with everything else, on the other hand US dollar index looks to be ready to rally now as least for a short time. Next year March April should see another big low in the markets and most likely the Can.doll. too. I will have to do some more work on the Can. Russ