Thursday, September 17, 2009

A reader asked if I still think the market will go down into March/April 2010, after just reviewing some charts as of Sept. 25 - I think the prediction for a low in March/April has a 100% certainty, in other words I think it is carved in stone. The CRB index is confirmed big time for a low then as well as many other charts.

Sept. 19th Update: Value Line Arithmetic using Yahoo and Stockcharts data is projecting September 23+/- a day for the high, the latest possible would be the week after.

Value Line Geometric index, late Sept looks like the high, there is also a 'T' that peaks then.


  1. Interesting as I'm looking at the Fed to give a final I/T or at least a S/T hi.

    Does this high projection, per your count, still have us overall down into March?



  2. Hi Cal,

    Yes the charts showing a low into March/April are still valid, we may have seen a key reversal today... ,

    NYSI is also starting to roll over.$NYSI&p=D&yr=0&mn=1&dy=0&id=p55661745980


  3. Thanks Russ.

    I would like to see you post more here and also on T talk.


  4. Do you still think we go to 1200 on SnP or repeat of last year? Tank hard in Oct and Nov and rally into Jan and tank again into March 10 ?

  5. I doubt spx 1200 is attainable this year, market has hit some serious resistance at this 1080 area if you look at the latest wedge charts I have on this site, breaking the lower part of the wedge will be the real proof that we have seen the top here.

  6. September 23 looking absolutely spot on with the S&P hitting 1080 or so.

    Good job and thanks for your posts and hard work!