Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I do not have a clear read on where a top will form (as of Dec 24, 2009), I do think a low will form in April as I have posted here with the NYSE chart.
Markets continue to break upwards but bullish sentiment is getting fairly high as can be seen on graphic above from ....


  1. Ferrera is good. T Laundry...Oct hi came and it went higher.

    Nobody gets it correct all the time. Ferrera is one of the better ones...there are a very few of them. Hadik also good but messed up last 5 reforecast.

    My forecast is all will crash in 2010 except the US index ( US dollar) US index should get to 85-95 on upside once 74-71 low is reached in Dec 2009.

    Gold down to $640 in 2010 by Dec 2010. Indices, silver, corn, coffee et al NY real estate and State bankrupct all will crash.

    " The slaughter of the sheep has to occur before the feast will begin."

    And there will be a feast that will be evident in 2012-2015, but it will start in latter part of 2010....unoticed by the depression talk and those educated buffons who run money called money managers and Wall Street.

    Pity how dumbe people are and a little Ugly on the side...Zappa.

    I think my foreast will be 99.9999% correct.

    Now if only those pension and sovereign funds or anybody running money ( and wants to make money...not lose) a la hedge funds.....should hire my services.

    NO MBA...master of buffonery I am not.

  2. Don't know about gold going back down that low, but the pi cycle low in mid 2011 should keep markets down into that time period.

    You are certainly very sure of yourself!

  3. Any chance you could read Marty's latest and overlay 1932 - 1937 with current day charts 2008 through to current?

    Once reviewed your comments would be appreciated.

  4. Been saying sideways to up into Jan. Today or tomorrow might seal the deal for this year.


  5. Sorry Anonymous I don't have data going back to the great depression, maybe you or someone else could put something together.

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