Monday, December 28, 2009

Below was posted by sold2rent1 on , the addition of the 3.141 years from the 2007.15 Economic Confidence Model Peak leads to the April 16th 2010 date, as the 1998.55 date plus 3.141 years led to the September 11th, 2001 date (9/11), in a 1999 article Martin Armstrong warned that the USA could be attacked in either Sept. or Oct. of 2001 and that this would then be followed by a retalitary WAR in 2003. I do not know anything about the Calleman (Mayan?) model which is apparently in agreement with Armstrong Pi work for some kind of event in early 2010.

*Additionally I am not sure the below author's conclusions are valid because the sept. 2001 date was after the 224 civilization cycle hit for the United States which I think was likely the main reason that Martin Armstrong predicted back then that an attack would happen by the fall of 2001. As noted on this site a couple of times I think there is strong evidence on my oscillator for a low in Mid April which is the same date Mr. Armstrong is looking at a focus in the markets.

"The graph shows a highlighted period between January 2010 and 16 April 2010 (see below). What does this mean? Well the 4th Jan 2010 is a high on the 8.6 monthly cycle and the 16 April 2010 is the ?high + PI? date of 2007.15 + 3.141. The last time we had a "high + PI" date was 1998.55 + 3.141 = 11 September 2001 (9/11).

So we can expect the period of 4 January - 16 April to be extremely destructive.
16 April is a massive date with Calleman's model resonance too. It maps exactly to the peak oil price back in February 1981.

Both models are lining up for this period to be very grim indeed."


  1. hello russ from humble1:

    looks your april date and the april/may time period have lined up to be a disaster window.

    fwiw, i sold all longs on 3/18 and on the 3/19 open (today) and have now gone heavily short!

  2. That's a gutsy move Humble1, I may follow you. I will do some more work on the signal for the NYSE to see if I can determine more closely where a good low could form in this April/May period. I think the last time I looked at it it was pushing into May for the low.

  3. ji admin
    sorry but i am not sure i understand
    april 16 was a top and u are looking for a bottom in may??
    and the what?

  4. Hi Marco,

    Based on what my oscillator is showing on the NYSE early May looks like it will be the bottom, so this will just be a short term test of support if that is correct, see the comments written by 'warrior' on my latest post at the top of this blog. He is also looking for a short term pull back before the final top in mid August in line with T theory. Have a look at RogerDodger's chart, he is looking for spx 1150ish on this pullback, whether spx breaks that or not I am not sure at this point. Roger's link...

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