Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Latest work is strongly suggesting that June 18, 2011 will be a major low for Silver and likely many other things, including 10 year US Bond yields as can be seen on the charts below. Update Jan. 30, 2010, what these charts imply is that there is going to be another financial crisis going into the pi cycle date in June 2011, that will cause bonds to rally as capital seeks relative safety from the crisis which again will see capital dumping stocks and gold in a liquidty crunch as we saw in late 2008.

 Martin Armstrong wrote that whatever Gold does by October 2010 it will do the opposite for 1 year, this implies that the markets will go down into this spring (2010 as my NYSE chart shows) and then peak in the Autumn of 2010 to be followed by a big low on the Pi Cycle date of June 18, 2011.

Ronald Rosen of the Rosen Market Timing letter... LTD # 5 low is due to arrive October 10, 2010 for Gold, I think his date will be too early based on what I am now seeing.


  1. gold, silver low in Oct2010-jan 2011.

    "Sheep must be slaughtered before the feast can begin."

    Martin is great, but since in jail he cannot update as quick and gives caveats.

    US index low of 41 centsin 2012 after 85-95 is made in 2010. Gold, Silver, coffee, corn, beans, bean oil, hogs, cattle, bellies et al going to highs by 2014/15, but first...the "sheep............feast."

    We are in 1946 area, not 1929 and depression talk. Man so many foolish people get paid so much money on Wall street and those MBA's...mastery of buffonery.

    2013 will be the party time not doomsday.

    Depression will happen in 2031.

    Jesus was a rebel not a sheep. "Seek and you shall find." "For the soul is more important than the mind."

    Sovereign funds, corporations, Pension and the like may contact me if you don't want to lose any more money.

  2. My sideways to slightly up theme I've been on for the past couple months continues. Think today is a good time to exit. Thinking some issues will happen in Jan. but we'll see another run up into spring after some more issues in late Feb.

    2010 will likely be a great swing traders market.



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