Friday, January 29, 2010

'Chart of the Day' shows Gold will most likely continue up in the future, to clarify: Gold should rally on a long term basis, it became very over-bought in November of 2009, my Silver chart several posts below this one shows trends for a low on Martin Armstrong's next major Pi Cycle date of June 2011, Silver not likely going down into that time period by itself, so Gold will most likely bottom in mid 2011 as well, Gold chart below top chart shows weak momentum now.


  1. Up...its going down and I'm losing money on my futures contracts. When will it go back up?

  2. I am talking long term, if you look further down in my blog you will see a silver chart that is projecting a low for june 2011. Sorry for the confusion.

  3. I reviewed your post about the Silver Chart. If only I had checked that out sooner. I held on to my Gold over the weekend and got out with profits today. I didn't get the high-end of the profits that could have been made with the gold move, but I made MY GOAL and that was making a profit. With the huge swings in the markets lately I will have to study more about these cycles.

  4. Hello Admin,

    I stated last year a comment about gold, silver, ES, YM, US index and the future for 2010.

    I had stated that gold would get to $640 by Nov 2010-Jan 2011. Silver to $8.00, US Index to 95, ES to 550, then 420-380, YM to 5500 then 4200-3800. This will all come to pass by June 2011 or before as Admin stated and Yes a Martin date. Probably happen before June 2011.

    To understand how wronged they have done to Martin you should understand what I have written below. It's the truth...not what your devil politicians are telling you.

    Gold and Silver will shine after this but first...the slaughter!

    If you want to know the future Jesus the rebel knows it...and YOU do not have to be religious to get it for all religions on EARTH are apostate.

    Just pray and ask for his help or anything spiritual you believe for the Universe is controlled. Just make sure you do not pray to Satan.

    Most people watch, listen and read stupid news, stupid gurus and educated bufoons with their MBA's and CFA's.

    Its all a scam, a set up for the 911 terror scam to Wall street to anything in America...its all a scam on news, tv...its all controlled by people who make up less than 3% of your population. They control your gov't, Wall Street, News, media, TV, porn industry, Hollywood, FED reserve, BAnking etc. they even make fun of you and our Christianity.

    The whole point is to make all Americans poor for they are all Christians and for the Christians and Muslims to fight...who WINS!! Satan is using its 2 witnesses US and Britain to do the dirty deeds...before it arrives on the 7 hills of NOT ROME, NOT MOSCOW, BUT I.....

    So save your life, your money and take back your country for it is getting very late....."All along the Watchtower"

    "By way of deception" we will fight so says Satan as in the Garden of Eden....the snake... That is how I did 911...he he says Satan. Pity the foolish Christians belive that those cave man Muslims did it. He he...I am so shrewd for I a Satan....snake.

    Jesus was a REBEL....and a true don't have to be religious to get it for all religions on Earth are apostate.

    The religion ( and has no true bloodline to the House of David) that hates Jesus is the Satan as revealed by John 2.9. For you call so self....but you are Pharises /khazars/ Idumeans

    Good luck..You and I will need it.

    One world gov't beckons but the true warriors will win.

  5. Well, I am not sure about the religious information you have posted, but your call for further deflation going into 2011 looks to be in agreement with some of my work. If you read some of Martin Armstrong's latest essays he makes the point that because of the economic crisis and the fall of Rome, this led to a desperate cash grab and the conversion of the pagan temples to christian churches in order to get the money in those temples. Therefore if Rome had not collapsed it is doubtfull that anyone would even know who Jesus was. Emperor Constantine who forced Christianity on the pagans by force of arms did not convert to Christianity until he was on his death bed, which shows that he really did not believe in it and was just a hypocrite engaged in a power grab.

  6. hello russ, this is humble1.

    did you notice that the 3/6/09->1/14/10 Time Segment was exactly 314 cds?

    fwiw, i am looking for a good rally into 3/11 or 3/19 and then, maybe a dump into 4/14.

    3/19 is a Pi/Phi date, a really interesting combo and part of a cycle i discovered long ago.

    does that fit with any of your work?



  7. hi humble1, thanks for stopping by, I guess I should come back to your site, despite mr. moneyfriend insulting me. Did you notice I was right about the US dollar for which I took flak from the above mentioned lovely person. Intellectual ability and emotional quotient are two very different things.

    It looks like you have changed your view about mid April being a high, well gotta stay flexible, good for you. I don't think I have noticed any turn for mid march, but I have been working very long hours lately, have not had much time to look at the charts.

    Take care H1.

  8. russ: fwiw, i am looking higher first into 3/11 or 3/19. the degree of the april turn is small as i see it now.

    but i think we could have a really big and quick short side money maker starting in the late summer! more on that later.

    btw, moneyfriend has disappeared and zen has started his own blog. i know you know how to take care of yourself so i didn't say anything.

    well, we'll see what happens from here.

    good luck,

    H1 :)

  9. This name should ring a bell for some of you. "Judith Miller" She served 85 days for contempt in court and was released. Something is surely wrong with Martin Armstrong's case.