Saturday, March 20, 2010


- CRB Index has a trend for a low Oct. 2011
- Canadian Dollar has a trend for a low around Sept. 2011 (this is roughly in agreement with the CRB forecast, the CDN. Dollar is percieved to be a commodity currency
-US Dollar now looks like it is headed for a high in late May to early June 2010.

- The US Treasury benchmark 10 year yields are indicating a low (see chart below) in the spring of 2011, this trend looks confirmed, which means that another flight to percieved safety in US government bonds looks likely, that implies the Stock Market will make a low into Martin Armstrong's Pi Cycle date of mid June 2011 then.

The NYSE trend for a low in late April to early May (it could be around April 23 or it could be the first week of May from what I can see at this time, I may be able to pin-point it more clearly as we get closer to that time) still looks valid and a friend Humble1 who has just gone short after being long since March 2009 is also looking for a low in that time period, to be followed perhaps by the last good high in August in agreement with Terry Laundry's T-Theory