Saturday, March 20, 2010


- CRB Index has a trend for a low Oct. 2011
- Canadian Dollar has a trend for a low around Sept. 2011 (this is roughly in agreement with the CRB forecast, the CDN. Dollar is percieved to be a commodity currency
-US Dollar now looks like it is headed for a high in late May to early June 2010.

- The US Treasury benchmark 10 year yields are indicating a low (see chart below) in the spring of 2011, this trend looks confirmed, which means that another flight to percieved safety in US government bonds looks likely, that implies the Stock Market will make a low into Martin Armstrong's Pi Cycle date of mid June 2011 then.

The NYSE trend for a low in late April to early May (it could be around April 23 or it could be the first week of May from what I can see at this time, I may be able to pin-point it more clearly as we get closer to that time) still looks valid and a friend Humble1 who has just gone short after being long since March 2009 is also looking for a low in that time period, to be followed perhaps by the last good high in August in agreement with Terry Laundry's T-Theory


  1. Why were the previous comments removed from here?

  2. I removed the US dollar chart which I had warned did not have a confirmed trend on it for a bearish move down. I should not have posted the chart as its trend was not confirmed.

  3. The US index will move down to test the 78/77/76 area by April 16 as the CAD makes a 1.02-1.05 move. Gold should get to $1182/1185 by then with the ES at 1211/1221 area by then.

    After this Gold should be heading down to$640-614, CAD to 87/88 area, ES drop 60-100 points and then move up to test the high by latest August 10, 2010.

    Th ES,YM, TF and NQ will all drop and sharply by June 2011 but the lows of 6460 and 665.75 may not be breached.

    While all the "fools" are proclaiming depression in fall of 2010 and in early/mid 2011, I will be of a different opinion. Either way, I plan to make 1 billion dollars from 2011 to 2019 as the path is known and given to me by the RebEl.....Universal being.

    "For whatever YOU know about ANTHING is a lie, told to you by Satan." For he is controlling your government and I'm not talking religion.

    Stay away from Rabbis and their people, Imam's and priests....for they all are Satan.

    The Picture then should become clear for he who controls your TV/Movies controls your mind and has brought you all your troubles for he does not care about your kind....that is why you are poor.

    Wake up!! and smell me "Abraham" for I tell the truth and am not from the Sin a Gog of Satan.

  4. Interesting predictions anonymous. You must have quite a pile of money already if you are gunning for a billion over this decade. Wish I had a direct line to the infinite, until then I will have to stick with mechanical indicators and Martin's cycles. btw.. what is the path to your billion by 2019? What will you be investing in?

  5. The forecasting I hear is this Bull move will continue as it did from 2003 into 2004 and 2009 into 2010. When the Club controls the information that says one thing they do the opposite. DOW 14000 by 2011.

  6. The point Martin Armstrong has made for many years is that nobody can control the whole world's economy, not even the club. I think you will be wrong, 2011 will be a low.

  7. If it is true that human behavior is the same in regards to exhibiting patterns, then with low money rates across the world we should see another fuel into a speculative bubble as with the Tech & CDS/MBS. The US Fed and American Government are freely giving money out as with no strings attached. This should fuel the greed AGAIN within those who speculate. I understand what everyone is saying here from this website but the general public doesn’t. They listen and believe the propaganda through what they see and hear. Research Edward Bernays. Imagine if we could live in a society where our goals are aligned to seek a better living for ALL people through KNOWLEDGE…not MONEY.

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