Friday, April 16, 2010

Update Friday April 23;  Market continues higher, signal appears to have only produced a very short term pull-back, still divergence happening in the vix, a more serious pull-back should be coming.

 5 days ago I wrote on the post below that I thought the banking index looked like it was going to peak this week, today the SEC charged Goldman Sachs with Fraud and the banking index and stock market in general is crashing now after a double top on the minute charts yesterday and a gap down today. News comes to satisfy technicals.


  1. Do you think this is a trend change?
    Also, regarding the post below, June 2011 Armstrong's Pi Cycle date, even Armstrong himself does not know what market will turn right?

  2. Yes I do think it is a trend change. Since last Oct. I have predicted a low for the NYSE in late April to early May, early May seems most likely last I looked, that post is below this one, so a quick test of support seems likely with the final blast up into summer. Terry Laundry's T theory is calling for the final top in August, he is then looking for the bear to resume going into 2013 or 14, I also have a projection for a low then, nonetheless, the Pi Cycle Economic Confidence Model calls for the bottom of the loss of confidence in June of 2011, so my chart and Terry's work may be wrong we will have to wait to see what happens after June 2011. Regarding Armstrong not knowing which market will turn, this is tricky subject, the model shows the business cycle, so Armstrong would say the economy in general would peak in early 2007 as it did, but back in 2000 when he was arrested he may not have known that the main focus of capital would be in housing and the financials for the coming bull after 2002, he certainly knew that oil was going to go up and gold etc. He publicly predicted oil would go to at least 100 dollars per barrel, Goldman Sachs and others following his work pushed it up even higher on speculation. The model also turned exactly on the gold bottom of summer 1999, I don't think Armstrong knew that that turn date in the model would be the low for gold years before it happened. Russ

  3. The ES will drop to 1175/1163 and should resume the move up.

    The ES ( emini S&P 500 futures) will move to 1240/1256 and possibly 1270 by August 10, 2010 or earlier. After Aug 10 a lot of things will start crashing.

    I have mentioned here and in many forums back in january 2010 than Jan 20/21 and March 16 and April 16 were turn dates.

    The DX ( US index) should test the 78/77 area before the move up to 95 and the CAD (6C)should get to 10.02-1.05.

    I expect the DX to drop to the 78/77 area by and move in August 2010 to reach 95-100 by April/May 2011.

    Gold (GC)I had pegged at 1182 by April 16 and this price was given way back in Jan 2010. It reached 1070. Somehow, I'm still looking for 1182.

    Gold will have a waterfall effect more than likely after Aug 10.

    Copper will start falling in May, 2010 ( with up move in Aug) and then down. I want GC and SI ( silver ) to go sideways with GC to touch 1182 prior July 9/11/14, when Cl ( crude oil ) should make a high of $99-105.

    July 2010 should bring an great up move in Coffee into 2011 and end May or early June 2010 should bring a decisive move in beans. I had forecasted a drop, but it could be the beginning of an up move in beans till March 2011.

    Corn will fall in August 2010 and so should Wheat. Corn great move into 2013 after low in 2010 and retest in 2011. Wheat....Nsc should bring multmillion dollar move in time, but new lows should be occurring in 2010.

    This time I'm ready as I'm a great trader compared to 2007-2005 and I knew all would drop in 2008 but had no belief in my self.

    I could have made over $2,000,000 from $50,000 in 8 months from the July-Dec 2008 drop.

    Goldman Sachs fraud charge is rattling people, but when the "serfs' see the mkt move up...and JP Morgan or someone comes out in May or June 2010 telling all the ES is going to 1400 by end of 2010.............

    GC to $640-614, SI to $8-7.59, DX to 95-100, 6c (CAD) to 90-88 after 1.02/1.05 .....

    The turn dates for the Euro, CAD and US index are April 13 and August 10, 2010.

    6J ( YEN ) will make a high in 2012, 6b (GBP) hihg in 2012, 6e ( Euro) high in 2012 6c ( CAD) high in 2012, ditta AUD and SF....DX ( US index) should be at 41 come mid/end of 2012.

    OJ should make a low in Nov/Dec 2010 and then zoom up 2.5 to 3 x of this low by Nov 2011.

    Canola has a down and up move as July 2010.

    I have given you free information here THAT YOU WILL NOT FIND on Wall Street....You will not find ANYWERE..not any book, forum, guru, seminar.....only the angels tell you when you are a warrior for good. You can make a million in each mkt that I have talked about,without a lot of money in your broker acct. All you need is $5,000 and concentrade on 1 mkt. 2mkts then 10K.

    Now when you do make the money, will you build castles and mansions and tell all how great you are...or will you stand up for good and not evil all around us.

    Best..from the warrior of the Universal Being..the RebEL.."Jesus."

  4. Hi Warrior, Great stuff you have posted, thanks for your input. I agree that helping others is the most important thing we can do in our lives, some creature comforts for our hard work are deserved of course. Mother Terresa said there are so many selfish people in the world, that will never change, but Armstrong has written about Adam Smith lots and how self interest also keeps the economy strong, so some kind of balance is best in life.

  5. Hey Warrior, are you trading as a full time gig or is someone else employing you to capitalize off your skills? And if you are trading on your own as a full time gig how long have you been doing this?

  6. I have been trading since Oct 2005...started out daytrading the ER2....and lost a lot, lot of money till 2007 spring/summer.

    There is NO ONE on Wall Street, Bay or Fleet Street that knows what I know..

    the trading Future.

    I have been given this talent after spending 12,000 hours + living, breathing and loving trading all these years and the 'angels' have blessed me with knowning the "trading" future.

    I can't tell you all or I will be shot.

    For the hour in the night and the day...I know in trading high and low, but more important the hour and day I know not when the SAviouR will come.

    For 99.9% have no passion...they want to get "rich." What is rich??? I trade for passion and the $$$ I will make are not to build castles.

    Nobody ( except the smart "bedouin" ) tribe people who know to "hire a man on passion and TRUST" and not degrees, titles and other BS. This is why people in business, trading, investing lose money.

    Two reasons why people lose money.

    First..they give they money to the wrong people.

    Second...they give they money to the people from the wrong religion.

    Remember, 99.9% of the people on Wall Street be it any religion NO shit....but then again who sets up the game..gig??? Goldman Sachs and Paulson ( it may sound Christian but it aint) are just but some examples.


    Warrior ( true source/Abraham/House of David/"Jesus" the RebEL

  7. Warrior, from the Old Testament Bible what Book do you refer to the most? How about the New Testament?

  8. ADMIN

  9. Joseph, Hmmmm....I said that??? I predicted over a week ago that the banking index would peak last week. I still think that is correct but am watching for Warrior's support level which would mean a shallow pullback then resumption of the bull, but some kind of May low seems likely now.

    Marty Armstrong used the 224 year cycle (which is a fractal of the 8.6 pi cycle) to predict 9/11, who else did that btw?

    I am not sure where you have read that I said Armstrong's April 16 or 19 date is not a top? Admin.(Russ)

    WITH 5000$ OR 10000$

  11. from humble1 ...

    a time when a massacre started from SPX 1213-1214. can it happen again?:

  12. This response is to 'Warrior'. I would have to concur with your prediction after carefully studying the trend patterns that have taken place. The USDX has hit it's Wave 5 and if it declines from Thursday's 5/6/10 high we will see Wave A form. After the news about EU bailing out itself with the help of US Dollars I can now see the Euro rallying the three months or into Nov10 and falling from their and watching the USDX take off from their. I don't agree with the current value of the dollar or where it is opinion it should be down in the 30 range with all this free printing of money. Then again, when your the World Reserve Currency you have other Countries by their balls.

  13. All of the posters have good comments.

    Your must be greedy when people are "fearful' and fearful when people are "greedy" Vix fearful...Vix high be greedy.

    The DX should get to 95/96 then down to 41 in 2012. After August 10/11 2010 or later NOBODY really knows, but I am real good not the best...ONLY the Jesus the Rebel and Abraham are the best ( btw..I'n not religious..the bible is a true source NEW TESTAMENT...all else is for pharisees).

    So gold has gone past my 1182.40 high and DX is also around 84 area....the pattern is not in sync. Gold high at 1320-1380 and silver at 21.50. Then silver at $10 and gold at 750-700...go get the monthly and add 40 dollars. Last time monthly was 640 it only hit 680. so this time it will go below the monthly by 40 or above by 40.

    DX to hit 41 by 2012 then 114/122 and maybe 165 by 2019.

    CAD to hit 1.27 and 1.57/1.59 by 2012 after hit monthly at 89/90 by June 2011.

    Coffee should spike to 180 by Aug 2010 and then 250-316 by July 2011.

    The warrior in service for the Rebel provides the future.

    "Nothing is new under the sun."

    "Fear not for I am here." Come follow me...the Rebel Jesus.

    Whoever does not believe in me is a Pharisee........Jesus the Rebel.

    Good trading

    Warrior in Abraham's army

  14. Marty needs to get out of jail to help us

  15. Won't happen, he is a threat to the lies of the club. They will just conjure up some other chump charges to delay his release. Research Jonathan May.

  16. I have to say Warrior's prediction on Grains was totally wrong. The dollar was right on and Gold not a chance in hell that it’s going to fall this year. The one thing I don't know if he\she knows is a negative correlation between the USDX and Commodities. If USDX goes down; Grains go up and vice-versa. With all the human manipulation in the market it is difficult to come close to a forecast of what the outcome of any part of the market will be. We are not experiencing FREEMARKET more like a CONTROLLED MARKET. The only way to forecast an outcome like this would be to go back test what the results were like the last time when the WORLD GOVERNMENTS intervened and CONTROLLED ECONOMIES. For all you history buffs out there I don’t recall anything of this magnitude: ALL Nations are DEBT, Unemployment higher than what is reported, a greater population of greed than in the 30s, GOLD price are far beyond 1930 levels, TAXes in today’s society is far worse than the 1930s, pay rates haven’t changed, and sheep are in greater numbers than ever before. USDX is the world reserve currency which is now the dollar carry trade and has over flooded the market. The USDX shouldn’t be valued were it is at today with the FEDs discount rate as low as it is…in history. This equation we are taught A + B = C isn’t turning out to be true. What is TRUTH anymore?