Saturday, April 21, 2012

Copper low early July 2012

Copper which is considered to be a key indicator of economic strength looks like it should put in a bottom in early July.


  1. Regarding the Vix signal do you have a timeframe for when the Vix peaks (or the market bottoms)?

    Did you reconfirm the June low in Gold?

    Great work - it seems the markets (copper, silver, maybe gold and spy might sell off until early July). If bonds and dollar rallies and peak in July as well that would be good confirmation.

  2. Main computer is still down, getting technician to help me rebuild it now, my program requires windows 98 and he is having trouble getting it to run, the old drive has bad sectors. The charts i am posting are not as accurate but should be giving a reasonable picture even though some information is not there. The oscillator is tricky to use.

  3. Russ - gold looks like it wants to keep heading up.
    did you get your computer updated?-

  4. Are you sure? Came back down now. Gold is not copper. Gold has a trend for a low going into September, which is in line with Armstrong's view that volatility will increase this autumn.

  5. Russ - I was wondering if you have any other updates on the markets you?