Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Vix has given a signal for a low which now appears to be in ( a few weeks ago), the general market SP500 etc. should sell off for a few weeks now. This is in agreement with Mr. Dev's work from Traders-talk and some others over there. The buy signal from last August has been a rough ride but is due for a rest now.


  1. Russ a few questions.

    Do you describe how your oscillator works anywhere or is it proprietary? I've seen some people present Fourier based cycle work with mixed results.

    Regarding the June low in Gold what is the normal range for the timing of your call (within a week or day or month)? I ask because I expect a mid May low.

    Is your call for Nat Gas still on for a 2015 high?

    And last question if I may, do you have any update on dollar or bonds?

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  3. What I currently see is that Silver will bottom in Mid July. The oscillator is nomally accurate to within one or two bars, (daily or weekly bars) This signal is weekly. I would expect gold to behave closely to silver, but I will have to look more closely when I get my computer back from the shop.

    Natural gas should be very bullish in the coming years, the Asians are investing billions into it in western Canada right now. I will have to look at dollar and bonds later. Yes oscillator is proprietary, however it is not perfect and cannot see trends on all charts.