Saturday, June 30, 2012

US Dollar Index Low Mid October 2012

The us dollar has clearly topped here and looks to be headed for a mid oct. low which confirms that gold will keep moving up.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gold High Late Oct. or Early November 2012

My work is in agreement with Martin Armstrong - that Gold is going to move up now, the low is probably in, the bull flag is going to break out sending gold into the $2000+ area by Oct. - Nov. Volatility is going to be strong this autumn. As mentioned to one of my readers, there is also a trend on the Euro for a high in early 2014, past correlations show show that the US dollar goes down when the Euro has gone up, this would imply that Gold will also go up as the dollar goes down, perhaps that will be followed by a rally back into the US dollar after that going into late 2015 with the Pi Cycle model and as Armstrong has written, 2017 possibly being the high for Gold as the USA will be going down the drain by then. The thing that does not fit is the 51.6 year cycle and the 309 year pi cycle peaking in 2032. I have not seen Mr. A address this.