Friday, July 06, 2012

US Dollar, Gold and CRB Index update

US Dollar:  Further work on the dollar index looks to be indicating a high around July 20 within a few days, my earlier call that the dollar had peaked was not based on my oscillator, it was based on the look of the chart which is always a dangerous thing to do.

Gold is showing a strong trend for a high in the spring of 2016 which is a year earlier than forecast by Martin Armstrong so we shall see who is right. My oscillator is also showing that after the coming peak in Gold it will go down into 2024, which I note is about 8 years later which is a pi cycle time period.

I am not sure about Gold in the near term, but if my chart for the dollar is correct then Gold should start to break out in late July, but my charts on Gold near term are not clear.

CRB Index is showing a low for early 2013.  I will post more if I see anything else, my main computer is working again now.