Thursday, September 06, 2012

US Dollar Breaking Down - Gold Going Up


  1. In some earlier postings you had
    1. dollar low in October 2012
    2. Gold peak in Jan 2013
    3. CRB low in 2013
    4. Shanghai peaking in 2015
    5. Natgas peaks in the Fall 2015

    Do you see anything else? I see yields falling until 2015. And the Vix confuses me.

    Keep the updates coming. Jeff

  2. Hi Jeff, There is a trend on the us dollar index for a high in January, I will have to look at it more closely this weekend to see if I can confirm it. Some other analysts are suggesting a high for the dollar then form the right shoulder before it falls down again. If that is true then the rally for gold into jan is not likely, my signal for gold is on the hui index and nugt but the dollar rallying makes that look unlikely now, I will let you know what I find. I notice Martin Armstrong is suggesting a low for gold in march/april too.