Saturday, October 13, 2012

After predicting the current low a few months ago, my US Dollar Index chart is showing a high coming for January, which means that Gold should go down into that time. The forecast for the HUI gold bugs index to peak in January is therefore now in doubt, even though the trend on HUI looks to still be there, however further work on the actual Gold bullion chart is showing agreement now with the HUI and Nugt charts for a high in January.


  1. On the dollar and gold peaking in Jan 2013, one possibility is with the debt ceiling crisis upcoming again on Jan 21 both can rally like they did during Sept 2011 during the last debt ceiling crisis. I'll keep tabs on that as your forecast maybe correct on both counts if history repeats.

    BTW you had a CRB low in 2013, if the forecast is still valid do you have a target month?

    And your long term forecasts I repost to keep track next time I visit your site.
    1. Shanghai peaking in 2015
    2. Natgas peaks in the Fall 2015
    3. Gold high in spring 2016
    4. Bond high in Fall 2017

  2. I am not sure about the CRB now, the trend may have been broken.

    You could be right about the dollar/gold issue this coming jan, gold seems to be recovering from its selloff lately, we'll see.