Sunday, November 25, 2012

SP500 Major Hi Summer 2013

In my opinion this is a very powerful signal as it is directly connected to the crash of 2008, there is likely to be more sovereign debt trouble.


  1. Great stuff Russ. This is my list to track the signals for when I return.
    1. Possible (?) gold/USD high in Jan 2013
    2. Jan 2013 Russell low and SPX July high
    3. Shanghai peaking in 2015
    4. Natgas peaks in the Fall 2015
    5. Gold high in spring 2016
    6. Bond high in Fall 2017

  2. The SPX July high is the strongest signal I can see right now, this signal should produce some kind of a crash going into autumn 2013. Armstrong did mention in one of his articles that someone had pointed out to him that cyclically using his pi cycle model it was similar to another time that was bad, this summer could produce some real trouble after the July peak.

  3. Russ

    Are you expecting a fall in March as per the Kress Cycle?

  4. Raj,

    I don't have any indication for a low in March, I am not familiar with the Kress Cycle. Do you have a link for a good graphic if that?

  5. Here is a link:

    Clif Droke is the expert on it.

    The kress cycle is calling a high Late Feb early March, has a very good track record

    1. The Kress cycle looks interesting and seems to roughly agree with my projection for a major high in July 2013 in terms of it then leading to the Kress low going into 2014, none the less Martin Armstrong's work based on his pi cycle model is calling for the high in economic confidence to be in late 2015 to be followed by the "year from hell"... 2016. He thinks between 2015 and 2020 the global debt crisis will lead to a total collapse of the bond markets in both Europe and the USA, so that is not in alignment with the Kress cycle at all. Once the bond markets go down (probably total default) things will get very bad since most of societies money is in the bonds, not the stock markets. It was the collapse of most of the world's bond markets in the late 1920's that led to the great depression, which is contrary to what the late economist John Kenneth Galbraith said in his books and tv shows.

      Further out.... check out Martin Armstrong's AI computer model's forecast for the final high of the Dow to be 2024 based on an elliot wave projection....

      Armstrong has never been a believer in elliot wave theory in the past as he see's it as too subjective, but since he created a simulated chart of the dow going back to about the year 1800 as he noted the elliot wave forums have been musing it over, so he let his computer have a go at it.

  6. Thx!

    I went to Armstrong's berlin conference last week!

  7. What did Armstrong say at that conference?

  8. Do you have an email? I can send you some of the stuff.

    He basically repeated what he has been saying in his articles.

    His system is calling for a major trend change in 2013 in every financial index, commod and currency which is very rare.

    He thinks Japan will bottom next year and will be the start of the shift of capital from the West to Asia. China and India will be the biggest economies. Bullish on Singapore.

    His Economic Confidence model is calling for a high on 7th August 2013

  9. You can send me stuff on this email...

  10. Raj/Russ,
    Any further details from armstrong?

    What do you make of gold and dollar these days?

  11. Gold should be getting close to a bottom soon or maybe this week, I will do some more work on its charts this weekend.

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  13. Markets are going crazy these days. After all this QE and the dollar keeps rallying. That might hit your Jan 2013 peak. Looking forward to your updates.

  14. That trend is still in place for the dollar, looking like that last week of Jan for the high and then possibly a low in the March/April area but that is not confirmed yet.