Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gold Low Summer 2014

UPDATE July 14th 2013 - This charts trends have now been violated too much, I believe that charts above posted in July 2013 are correct and they have very long term monthly and quarterly trends which are unlikely to be violated. The Gold low should happen in the summer of 2013 and move up into 2016-2017 where it should get up to the $5000 area.

I have a long term confirmed signal for Gold to reach a major low in the summer of 2014 - I am very sure about this signal and see very little chance of it not being correct. Martin Armstrong may get his $1150 by then. This seem to imply that Merkel will be re-elected in September of 2013 which will lead to some kind of new hope for saving the European Union. Alternate view.... if Merkel is not re-elected this could lead to a further loss of confidence in Europe leading to the bottom in mid 2014 for the markets in general and Gold will just follow the deflation down, whatever the reason Gold looks to be in a mid term consolidation that will take it down into 2014.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Gold Low - April 2013?

Latest update... April 12th, 2013 - This signal seems to be correct but I have been having trouble getting the exact trend in place, obviously with gold crashing and breaking below key support at 1530 a great deal of technical damage has been done, my latest look at the signal is pointing more towards April 26 negating my earlier estimate for the low this week.

May 12th update: Well my first projection was correct as Gold formed its big low mid April, I expect Gold to now rally into summer, the XAU Advance/Decline line for the stocks is showing a test is happening now (mid May), Will be looking for resistance this summer and then down into mid 2014.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Markets needing a rest soon

There is a possible short term peak coming in early Feb with the usual low showing up most likely in March or April but the long term peak in July is still the dominant trend.