Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gold Low Summer 2014

UPDATE July 14th 2013 - This charts trends have now been violated too much, I believe that charts above posted in July 2013 are correct and they have very long term monthly and quarterly trends which are unlikely to be violated. The Gold low should happen in the summer of 2013 and move up into 2016-2017 where it should get up to the $5000 area.

I have a long term confirmed signal for Gold to reach a major low in the summer of 2014 - I am very sure about this signal and see very little chance of it not being correct. Martin Armstrong may get his $1150 by then. This seem to imply that Merkel will be re-elected in September of 2013 which will lead to some kind of new hope for saving the European Union. Alternate view.... if Merkel is not re-elected this could lead to a further loss of confidence in Europe leading to the bottom in mid 2014 for the markets in general and Gold will just follow the deflation down, whatever the reason Gold looks to be in a mid term consolidation that will take it down into 2014.


  1. Russ: Could you please tell me more about your July spiral date? Do you have an exact date? I have a big hit on 7/26/13 (+/-1).

    I also have a big hit on 8/7, not just Pi stuff either: a confluence of several systems.

    Please visit my site with your answer.


  2. Russ:

    I have just discovered your blog. I like the way you relate your observations to those of other market observers-analysts.

    Your oscillator is intriguing; however, I did not find any discussion about how it is calculated or of how to understand it other than your drawing of lines and making (often correct) conclusions from them. Is this proprietary or can you provide an explanation of how it is calculated and how to otherwise understand its use?

    Thank you for posting an interesting blog with useful links.



  3. Yes its proprietary. It works by showing that fear or hope are becoming less and less as the trendline approaches the zero line.

    1. Russ:

      This is an interesting concept, especially since people generally appear to act based upon their perceptions. What data do you use as your measure of fear and hope?

      Thank you.


  4. The indicator is based on price.

  5. The chart showing a low for Gold in 2014 now looks to be not valid as it has been violated too much, the chart above showing Gold bottoming in 2013, whether it be summer or fall looks to be more likely. The oscillator runs off of the price data.

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