Monday, June 24, 2013

Gold low July 10, 2013, high Oct-Nov 2016

This chart shows the low should happen this year as it gets down to the 1000 area of support. So low should be July 10 this summer and high 2016. Hope you enjoy my 'Gold Theme' chart design. ;)  One caveat is that my GDX chart is showing a possible low this October but that is the gold stocks.


  1. Russ:

    Yes, I do like your gold-theme chart design. And, I an intrigued (although I do not understand what is in your "black box") with your crystal-ball readings.

    Thank you for posting your observations, and I hope that you continue to do so for a long time.



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    1. looking at monthly charts, this does not look good, the ADX indicator is worse than in 2008 (cross), previous cross in 1997 led to more weakness the months after.

      Do you have opinion on this?

  3. I think the 1000 area is very strong support, if it crashes through that then the bear market will really take hold but you should read this...