Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dow, Gold, and Dollar Long term projections

The top chart shows the US Dollar Index peaking this year and bottoming in the 2020 time frame, that date is in agreement with Martin Armstrong's Pi Cycle model which forecasts a major low for the economy and most likely the end of the debt party since FDR's new deal and government thinking they never have to pay their debts back.

The second chart below is from Gann Global it shows that they think the best match for Gold is the 1976 rally which would see Gold go to $8000 in today's dollars, than may be a little high but on the other hand we are facing a debt implosion of unprecedented levels in all history.

Armstrong in his latest article says the Dow Jones Industrials can go up to 43,000 by late 2015 in what he refers to as a phase transition (physics thing applied to human capital flows), this projection does not agree with my chart in that my chart is calling for the final high in 2023-24, also Armstrong is ignoring what his computer projected using Elliot wave for the Dow's final high to be in the 2024 area, its not easy seeing the future all the time is it Marty!  Maybe he will be right about that level by 2015 though, I am not sure about price, my work is more about time although sometimes price is easy to see too.

The Dollar bottoming in 2020 is in line with Armstrongs'  8.6/51.6 year pi cycle model, the US and Europe are headed for the dumster after 2015 and that is why Gold will shine brightly, the death of Socialism is coming. Gann Global says the pattern match would see Gold go up to about $8000 which may be a little high, on the other hand we are headed for a debt implosion of unprecedented levels.

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