Thursday, December 19, 2013

Silver low End of December or Feb. 2014 to be followed by strong rally (Gold and Silver) into early September (Pi Cycle Date)

UPDATE - After doing more work on the silver charts, I am again seeing a big low at the end of December which is in conflict with the most recent chart below, of the two charts the Dec. low chart is the strongest so Eric Hadik may be correct that the final low on this move will be in late December, however as Gold and Silver look set to peak next September that could lead to bigger lows going into 2015 or perhaps just a test of these lows. These charts are in agreement with Martin Armstrong's latest views... "Gold had a chance to at least rally and clean out some shorts, but could not close above 1243. The Dow is in the same position. We may be setting up for a MAJOR protraction of these trends for the next peak in the Economic Confidence Model 8.6 Year Wave in 2024. This implies there is the danger of a Cycle Inversion. So far, it appears we have this Jan-Feb turning point showing up in many markets globally. What makes a low at that time could rally into the next ECM turning point in 2014 warning we may then turn down into 2015.75 and flip into a rally going into 2020. We simply have to monitor the Reversals and the Cycles." ...

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