Friday, September 26, 2014

Gold Wave Form

This chart was inspired by Tiago from Elliottwavetrader, note the fractal like nature of what is happening compared to the earlier ABCDE pattern and this ties in with my Platinum chart below as well as Martin Armstrong's 'ideal' time and price in 2015...


  1. Hi Thanks for your detailed count on gold. M question is this. Isn't there supposed to be alternation between wave 2 and 4 i.e if wave 2 is a triangle then wave 4 should be a zigzag and vice versa? Long term I believe gold is going sub 1000 how it is going to get there is what I am looking at so that we can take advantage of it. Thanks

  2. To my eyes, wave 2 looks like a zigzag and wave 4 looks like a triangle but maybe I am missing something? Thanks for your input. btw... Avi Gilburt of is looking for the final washout this Oct. which puts him at odds with Armstrong and myself, not what I see but I could be wrong, we'll see.