Friday, February 06, 2015

Gold - Caution new lows may be coming

My main work is showing a big low for gold, platinum, copper, oil, Euro later this year while the US Dollar should peak which is in agreement with Martin Armstrong's work. I am therefore cautioning that the highs may have already been seen for gold. chart link...


  1. Hi, when do you think the low will happen, cant tell by the chart.


  2. I think the low will happen next summer based party on Martin Armstrong's pi cycle work and his view what gold will bottom next summer down around 7-9 hundred dollars most likely which will be the test of the 1980 high. My Platinum chart using my oscillator is also strongly pointing at next summer as the low. I think the Platinum chart was posted previously, I may post an update on that. For the shorter term the gann swing weekly indicator is showing as sell signal which I will post above.

  3. Hi Russ. Where do you think we make a low in 2015. It looks like we are declining fast?