Thursday, November 12, 2015

XAU Projected Hi Dec. 23, 2015

Gold and its stocks are likely bottoming now on a couple of important cycles, this chart has been projecting a high into late Dec...


  1. Hi Russ, So is it your opinion gold now goes lower from here into early spring 2016?

    thanks for your input

  2. Yes there has been a rally into this Christmas period as I predicted, the rally could keep going for awhile further. The signal in the chart above has been what I call violated, so the rally could keep going further. The chart for the low next spring is a much more serious signal with a much longer time frame of data points so the odds of it not being correct are not high, therefore I am sticking with the forecast for the final low in spring 2016.

  3. Good info. Thanks. I believe your timing aligns pretty much with the 2nd gold benchmark date Martin Armstrong mentions as the potential time for a low in Gold. I believe his date for the 2nd gold benchmark is in late March, I am not positive but that is what I can ascertain from following his blog.

  4. Martin did an interview on radio a couple of months ago and he said he thought gold would go down into late March 2016, however lately on his blog he has been saying it could go down into 2017 after an initial low in 2016. "a closing ABOVE 1044.50 for 2015 implies this is not sufficiently weak enough just yet. This can mean only that 2016 produces the lowest closing and 2017 the intraday low. This type of outcome MUST be reviewed with the signal on other markets for this may be forewarning of war breaking out in 2017 on a much more profound manner. Nevertheless, the timing targets of the next Benchmark and the price we warned about at the conferences are still valid. It still appears that 2016 is the primary target and a directional change."

    1. Based on the above quoting Martin, it could mean a double bottom from March 2015 and the second low in early 2017? I have no trends into that time period at this point in time.