Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Gold Resistance 1200


  1. Russ,

    Im always looking forward to your blog entry. Thank you for this note.

    Does this hint at GOLD Price dropping big time?

    Thanks for all your effort

  2. Jackson, Thanks for your compliment. I am still seeing the big low coming in this spring which is also what Martin Armstrong is looking for with his latest comments... " need to see a weekly closing above the 1143 level to raise any hope of a temporary low. Without that, we have a turning point in February which can be a high with a low moving into the next Benchmark target. A closing for January below the 1103 level will warn there is inherent weakness still lingering within this market. Next month, watch the 1097 level for that is key support. Break that and its looking into a low into the second benchmark." By benchmark he is likely talking about down to the 800-900 area, the test of the 1980 high. There could also be another big low, possibly just a test of this years low in 2017.

  3. Hey Russ... Thoughts on Martins post today?

  4. I have trends for gld and gold stocks to go up into the end of this month or early march.

  5. Hello from France
    thanks for your job on this blog
    Someone knows the targets Armstrong in the new report 2016?
    thks for all

    1. Hi Laurent, I don't have his latest report, you have to purchase it. The last I heard from him though he was looking for the final low, a test of the 1980 high around 850 is likely in late march 2016 but also said there may be another low in 2017.

      I was in France in 1999, Paris, Loire valley and the Riviera... fantastic places. Russ