Friday, February 12, 2016

XAU Oct. 2017 Major Low

This xau chart is very powerful in its relationships and shows there should be a big panic crisis low in markets during that time, I also have a big low for  the the Dow then so that may be the bottom of for the dow which will then be Martin Armstrong's slingshot move that then propels the dow into a phase transition skyrocket move and starts gold off into its huge run up as confidence is lost in the major governments of the world. 


  1. Hi Russ,

    Trying to decipher MA's blog to understand where GOLD prices are projected in the second qtr of 2016. Your thoughts?

    Thanks and again great work as always

  2. Jackson: MA has mentioned 1300 as a short covering target, 1400 area is the major resistance. If it breaks above 1400 then it would seem unlikely it will go lower but that is probably not going to happen, nonetheless one must always be prepared to be wrong.

  3. So the prediction for a final low in 2016 can be discarded?

  4. Good question Jake, there should be a good low this spring but the charts are also showing huge lows for several markets in Oct. 2017. Marty said that one low could be the intraday low and one could be the lowest yearly closing low. I am not sure myself about those ideas, just have to look for good buying opps when they are near, this spring should be a good buying opp. but probably not the final one. As someone said predicting things is hard especially when its to do with the