Monday, November 14, 2016

10 Year Treasury Note High 2020

Here is the chart that is going to DOOM the Donald, a double bottom on treasury notes that looks like it is going to lead to a breakout of the downtrend since 1980 with a big high in 2020 right on Armstrong's pi cycle model trough. It will become impossible to balance the budget as interest expenditures on the 20 Trillion dollar debt explode. 2017 looks to be the start of it... Armstrong's 'year from hell'.


  1. It means, then,
    The state is bankrupt, so we have state bankruptcy in 2020?
    Is that right?

  2. Mr. Armstrong has stated that Trump's tax cuts can put off the bankruptcy for a few years, but we are going into the down cycle of the pi model into 2020, so it's hard to predict that, as the government debt markets lose their appeal the stock market can keep going up as it is seen as a place of relative safety. I do actually have a trend on the dow for a high in 2020 which is opposite of what usually happens as the pi cycle bottoms, unless that is an inversion?


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