Sunday, February 05, 2017

XAU Update... March 3 High +/- a day - Update March 4, well this signal appears to have inverted.

March 4th update, signal has inverted. Looks like Erik Hadik has been quite right so far.... "Gold stocks selling off from cyclic peak on Feb. 8–9th… as Gold & Silver prepare for intermediate peak. Multiple indicators & divergence project overall (initial) XAU & HUI drop into March 1–3rd… with the potential for additional downside after an intervening bounce."

Arctic Ice Extent Chart from Adapt 2030

This chart contradicts other charts that show arctic ice levels at record lows. The chart came from this video    The video author is going against the mainstream and insists we are headed for at least a mini ice age because of the dim Sun and Cosmic rays then coming in more to create clouds.  This link contradicts the chart below...