Saturday, August 12, 2017

Gold Miner's Index high projection late October 2017


  1. How're we looking on this? Any additional thoughts or insights?

  2. Sorry for he late reply, just notice your message. I still think a late Oct. high is coming for the golds, could get a more accurate reading if i fire up my tradestation, will try to do that. I saw a gary wagner video today and he thinks gold is going into a wave 3 now with a target of 1420.

  3. Hey Russ-quite alright. Just seeing yours now too (no notifications).

    Interesting. Im a fan of Armstrong work. He doesn't seem to think it's time for take-off yet. I tend to agree.

    Really like your work and thoughts. I pop onto the site every now-and-then to see if you have updates or any recent happenings.