Monday, August 28, 2017

Gold's long term support line argues Armstrong is wrong on sub 1000 gold, 2020 should see major high

Gold appears o be breaking out on this chart although tradingview has issues with it's log settings but this chart is convincing that Armstrong will be wrong on sub 1000 gold given the support line from early 2000's


  1. 2020 shouldn't be the major high; the next major top is around March 2022. From August 1999 low to September 2011 high is 145 months. From August 1999 low to December 2015 low is 196 months. 196 is on top of 146 on the Square of Nine chart, making December 2015 a major bottom. From August 1999 low to March 2022 is 270 months, a half cycle from December 2015 low, making it a major top for gold.

  2. well you could very well be right that 2022 will be the next major high, my chart is a monthly chart and the signal could extend over a year or so, but we are in agreement generally that Gold should move up strongly into that time period. Thanks for your input.