Wednesday, January 31, 2018

HUI April Low

This signal needs more work but is tying in with the vix signal for a spx low in the same time period.  Martin Armstrong has mentioned a march low for dow and is talking about a Trump impeachment as a possibility.


  1. Would you buy apple on this dip now?

  2. I have not looked at apple and tend to focus on market direction, apple sure has lots of competition now and no steve jobs. martin armstrong is talking about the market going down into 2020 if the dow takes out on a monthly basis the 19,677 level, there may be a summer rally after april though.

  3. that means martin changed his prediction of 39,000 dow? Seems like that is all he would say on interviews as if it were a done he says down till 2020?

    1. The key thing is the dow taking out 19,677 on a monthly close, that would be the bearish reversal armstrong would need to see for a low into 2020, if the dow does not do that then he would still be bullish.

  4. Gold should spike in april.not sure how. Stock should perform.

  5. Charts tell me this train is rolling upward for many all in the qqq from 108...good times.