Thursday, March 28, 2019

25 year lag in Solar Output effects proves the Sun is the main driver of temp. not CO2.'s_climate     TECHNICAL NOTE 2018-4. These four simple slides prove four vital points. (A) Global warming and cooling are driven by the sun (Slide 1), specifically by the solar-sourced Interplanetary Magnetic Field (Slides 2, 3), which regulates incoming cosmic rays (Slide 3), in turn governing cloudiness and thus global temperature (the breathtakingly elegant Svensmark Theory). (B) Global temperature oscillations are shown here to lag 25 years behind the causative solar magnetic fluctuations (Slides 2, 3). This 25-year lag is due to ocean thermal inertia (google it; NB remarkable agreement with the 15-20-year lag estimated theoretically by Wetherald et al. 2001 and Abdussamatov et al. 2012), discounted by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). (C) The idea that CO2, currently constituting just 1/2,500th (400ppm) of the atmosphere (a geo-historically very low value, near plant-starvation level), is causing, through mankind’s CO2 additions, 'anthropogenic global warming’ (AGW), is highly doubtful. (D) Global warming is arguably over. It peaked in 2016, 25 years (see lag time, above) after the 1991 solar magnetic peak (Slides 2, 3). Our Earth is now cooling (Slide 3, bottom graph; slide 4, top graph).

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